Welcome to AZ Electronic APPS

Founded in 2003, we have focused our efforts to provide innovative solutions to the semiconductor test industry. We’ve been profitable every year since our inception. Our business model is simple in its efficiency. We’re profitable because we increase the profitability of our customers. We accomplish that by following three guiding principles. All of our solutions are designed and manufactured to:

  • Increase throughput at test
  • Improve test coverage & accuracy
  • Lower the cost of test

The many products we have introduced into the marketplace have advanced the test industry by following these directives. Purchasing new test systems in a "model year" paradigm is one of the most detrimental variables in our customers cost models. Our solutions allow our customers to greatly extend the life and usefulness of their test system fleets by adding new capabilities and / or accuracies, without interfering with the basic performances of those systems. New technologies are taking us into new directions and towards new frontiers in size, costs, and capabilities that were only achievable by large, complex systems not 10 years ago. See where we’re headed. We may be able to offer you these same technological advantages to enhance your products, while saving you money.

Who Are We?

Our Mission

To become extremely successful by playing a key role in helping our customers’ maximize their profits.

Our Experience

The founders of AZ APPS have worked in the semiconductor test industry since the late 70’s. We have been involved in the design of instruments through mainframe HVM test systems. We were involved in the development of algorithmic pattern generation for the memory markets.

Made in America

AZ APPS prides itself on utilizing American materials, American technology, and American know-how. Our strategic alliances with our vendors and partners around the US have enabled us to produce products of superior quality and superior performance.